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The defense of a child in juvenile court is very different than adult criminal court. Preventing a juvenile case from being moved to adult criminal court is a key issue. In the juvenile system, there are no jury trials and each case is heard by a Circuit Court Judge.

A juvenile charge is a stressful experience for any parent and an important juncture for the child. In some situations, a juvenile charge can serve as a much-needed wake-up call that will be an invaluable learning experience. It is important to handle juvenile cases in a way that allows children to learn and move on with their lives while avoiding a result that lingers even into adulthood.

The Morris Firm has extensive experience defending juvenile criminal cases, and we can use that experience to your family’s advantage. When it comes to your child’s future, nothing should be left to chance.

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Types of Juvenile Offenses in Florida

While juveniles are capable of committing crimes like adults, they are more likely to be charged with certain crimes.

Some of the most common offenses committed by juveniles include:

These crimes come with penalties that range in severity.

The Juvenile Justice System in Florida

In Florida, juvenile convictions are more focused on rehabilitation than on punishment. Juvenile courts have jurisdiction over cases involving offenders under the age of 19. Once a minor is arrested, they are sent to a juvenile assessment center where they will either be detained or sent back home. Regardless of whether or not the minor is detained, they will receive a detention hearing with a judge within 24 hours. The child may have a lawyer present at the hearing.

Following the hearing, a state lawyer will decide whether or not to file charges. Charges filed against a juvenile are called “delinquency petitions.”

If a delinquency petition is filed, the child must attend an arraignment where they will plead:

  • Guilty
  • Not guilty
  • No content

Most juveniles who plead guilty or are found guilty in trial face probation. Some juveniles may be eligible for pre-trial intervention.

Compassionate Representation for Minors

At the Morris Firm, we understand how difficult it can be to go through the juvenile court system. As a parent, you are likely anxious about what will happen to your child and how this ordeal will affect his or her future. Allow our Pensacola juvenile offense attorney to take on your child’s case and represent him or her zealously. With over a decade of criminal defense experience, Attorney Brandon Morris knows how to navigate the juvenile court system and protect your child’s rights.

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