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myrtle grove criminal defense attorneyGetting arrested is nothing like it looks on TV. The handcuffs are tight, the jail smells bad, the police officers laugh when you ask for a lawyer. But you need a lawyer, one you can trust to fight for your rights and your freedom.

If you have been arrested in Myrtle Grove, FL, you need to call The Morris Firm right away. If you or a loved one have been arrested or have a criminal case pending, our legal team is ready to defend you from your first appearance through your trial. Contact our office today for a confidential evaluation of your case at (850) 503-2626 today.

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    Practice Areas

    We provide zealous defense in all areas of criminal law.

    • DUI/DWI. Florida’s DUI charges begin when you’re stopped with a .08% blood alcohol level (BAC) or higher. Like all states, Florida has an implied consent law, meaning that a refusal to submit to a blood, breath, or urine test could lead to the suspension of your driver’s license for up to a year.
    • BUI. Boating under the influence is just as illegal as driving under the influence. It may be less fun to be the “designated boat driver,” but it is better than having the Coast Guard or Sheriff’s boat patrol arrest you for BUI. The same BAC that will get you arrested on land will get you arrested on the water.
    • Assault and Battery. After drinking and driving, nothing gets you in as much trouble as drinking and fighting. Assault and battery are serious offenses in Florida and can be felonies under some circumstances.
    • myrtle grove criminal defenseMisdemeanors. A misdemeanor is any crime that is punishable by less than one year in jail. Some people think that means these crimes aren’t “serious,” but misdemeanors can include petty theft, loitering, simple battery, assault, domestic violence, simple possession, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Rack up too many misdemeanors, and they can roll over into felonies.
    • Felonies. A felony offense is any crime punishable by more than one year in prison. Besides murder, rape, aggravated battery, grand theft, and kidnapping, some misdemeanors, so-called “wobbler” offenses, can become felonies if you commit them too often or against the wrong person.
    • Juvenile Crimes. There is no “they were just young and stupid” defense. Juveniles are treated severely in Florida, even if the child didn’t intend for their acts to result in serious harm. A vigorous defense can make a huge difference in a young life.
    • Pre-trial Diversions. Pre-trial intervention (PTI) and pre-trial diversion (PTD) are programs for individuals with minimal criminal histories to demonstrate before trial that they can correct their behavior and that trial is not necessary. You need to prove before trial that you are a trustworthy, honest person who deserves a second chance.
    • Expungement. Once you’ve done the time, you might not want anyone else to know about it. In Florida, many types of criminal records can be expunged. That means they’d be deleted as if they never existed. Expungement requires an attorney’s assistance, so let us help you clear your record.
    • Drug Crimes. Ranging from simple possession through trafficking and manufacture, drug crimes are handled seriously in Florida and have an impressive range of sentences. Simple possession can land you nothing but probation but being charged with intent to distribute can raise that to several years in prison.
    • Sex Crimes. The complex world of sex crimes is one you can land in without intending to. Something as seemingly minor as two teenagers “sexting” (sending one another sexually related text messages) can be a sex crime. Sex crimes have multiple degrees of misdemeanor and felony depending on the ages of the parties, the alleged act, and the degree of consent.
    • Violent Crimes. Any crime against another person is considered a violent crime. If you have been charged with anything from battery to homicide, you should seriously consider the services of an attorney. Violent crimes are treated with great severity by the courts, and you need someone who will defend your rights and interests.
    • Theft Crimes. All theft crimes are considered “crimes against property.” Shoplifting, larceny, forgery, and fraud are all types of theft. If anyone is threatened or injured during the theft, as in a robbery, then it becomes a violent crime. Theft crimes may seem less serious because “nobody got hurt,” but they carry serious penalties that get steeper depending on the value of the property taken and the nature of the theft.

    About Our Firm

    Attorney Brandon Morris comes from Pensacola, Florida, and received his law degree at Cumberland School of Law. He has focused almost entirely on the practice of criminal law, giving him exceptional insight into the criminal justice system of northern Florida. Mr. Morris began his legal career in personal injury and family law but found his interest lay in criminal defense.

    Our firm is available around the clock for our clients’ questions and concerns, and we will fight for you from your initial appearance through trial.

    What Is Pre-Trial Intervention?

    Pre-trial intervention (PTI) is a program for individuals who have committed certain felony crimes in Florida. Not everyone can participate in PTI, and not everyone should, but for some people, it can be an alternative to rolling the dice and going to trial.

    The biggest drawback to PTI is that you must admit guilt. You are waiving all your rights to trial and appeal with PTI. Although you will have no criminal record, you may have to admit to the crime on some types of background checks. However, if you know the evidence is likely to show you are guilty, PTI is an option if you qualify.

    PTI is available to individuals who have committed misdemeanor drug offenses or third-degree felonies and misdemeanors. You may not participate if you are being charged with second-degree felonies or higher, or any sex-related felonies.

    pre-trial interventionFor drug-related offenses, the requirements include:

    • You may not have any felonies on your record
    • You aren’t being charged with felony drug possession
    • You aren’t being charged with trafficking
    • You haven’t previously been enrolled in PTI

    For other offenses:

    • You may not have any felonies on your record
    • You have no prior criminal convictions (except one nonviolent misdemeanor)
    • You’re not being charged with a second-degree felony
    • The victims of the crime, if any, agree you may enroll in PTI

    PTI is like probation. You will be given a number of requirements, such as drug treatment, anger management or parenting classes, work or education, community service, and anything else that the court feels is necessary to rehabilitate you and to show that you are trying to rehabilitate yourself.

    You will not be given a second chance. Fail your PTI, and the judge, your attorney, and everyone else involved will be very unhappy with you.

    Why You Need Us

    In criminal cases, your liberty and civil rights are at risk. In the most serious cases, your life could be at stake. You need someone by your side to fight for you every step of the way.

    Whether you need help in fighting a DUI arrest, getting a child out of juvenile hall, or finding a loved one a defense attorney for a drug possession case, you need the legal team at The Morris Firm. We are ready to help you with your criminal defense. You can’t do this by yourself.

    Call The Morris Firm at (850) 503-2626 for a free and confidential case evaluation. We will be here 24/7 to hear your case and let you know the best way to proceed.

    What Our Clients Are Saying
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    Brandon was extremely helpful with my case and I felt very comfortable throughout the process with his handling of my legal matters. He is diligent and knows his way within the judicial system!

    -Ashley H.

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    Amazing! I didn’t have to worry about anything. After first meeting with Brandon, I was much more at ease with my case. He was very helpful with everything I asked and very understanding. I would highly recommend!


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    This was the first time I needed to hire an Attorney and I was somewhat nervous. Mr. Morris was very easy to communicate with and basically told me from day one that the charges would be dropped and they were. I would highly recommend him to anyone.


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    Brandon is committed to getting the best result for his clients. He negotiated the best deal for me with the state attorney. I recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer committed to his clients.

    -Former Client

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    Brandon Morris is definitely an attorney myself and my family would recommend. Me and my husband retained Brandon and achieved the best possible result, a dismissal in the case. My son retained Brandon in his case and the conclusion of the case was what my son anticipated, a good result. Brandon is knowledgeable, understanding, compassionate about his clients, and has reasonable fees. When we talk to Brandon it is apparent that his is listening to every detail. Brandon has always been prompt in returning our calls. We will definitely use Brandon again if needed. He is an excellent attorney!