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Pre-Trial Diversions & Interventions In Pensacola

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    Helping You Seek Admittance to PTD & PTI Programs

    Pre-trial intervention and diversion are in place to help certain individuals who have been charged with a crime avoid conviction and get their charges dropped. These programs allow offenders to serve probation and prevent the potentially devastating consequences of a conviction.

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    Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI)

    Pre-trial intervention is a program designed for selected offenders who have usually been charged with a third-degree felony to voluntarily serve a period of conditional probation for 10 months. If the person successfully completes the pre-trial program, the criminal charges against them will be dismissed by the State Attorney. If they are unsuccessfully terminated from this program, they will be referred back to the Court for continued prosecution. This program is voluntarily and your full cooperation is expected.

    The steps for admission to the PTI program are as follows:

    • The conditions of pre-trial will be explained to you and if you wish to participate, you must waive a speedy trial and the release of all confidential information from any agency
    • The Judge will postpone your case for 12 months in order for us to do the background investigation and allow you to spend 10 months in the program
    • Your arrest record – adult and juvenile – will be checked to determine your prior record, which this could prevent you from being accepted into the program
    • The victim, if any, will be contacted and must agree to your being admitted into the program
    • The arresting officer is also contacted and must agree to your being admitted into the program
    • Your employer will be contacted at the beginning and periodically while you are in the program

    The information you give concerning your social history – such as your family, schools, prior record, financial status, and substance abuse – may be verified. Any false information given may disqualify you from further participation in the program.

    Information concerning your case is then sent to the State Attorney who will decide if they are willing to hold off prosecution in your case. Once the State Attorney has signed the Deferred Prosecution Agreement, your supervision will begin and you will be notified

    Pre-Trial Diversion (PTD)

    The pre-trial diversion program is the equivalent of the PTI program, but for misdemeanors. There are certain differences, though, including the entity that will conduct the supervision and the duration of the program.

    The goal of PTI and PTD is to offer someone who has a limited or no criminal history the ability to get their case dismissed and avoid having a criminal history. Our Pensacola criminal defense attorney at the Morris Firm can help you seek PTI or PTD and put you in the best position for admittance.

    For more information on these programs and how they can work for you, call The Morris Firm at (850) 503-2626.

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