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Superbowl DUI’s: Substantial Spike in Drunk Driving Numbers on Superbowl Sunday

Posted on Wednesday, February 6th, 2019 at 12:00 pm    

There are a few things that are clear about drunk driving on Superbowl Sunday: There is an overall spike in DUI’s and drunk driving records, and the “winners” are typically consuming more alcohol and drunk driving more than the “losers.” The BAC percentages on Superbowl Sundays rival those of other big drinking days such as St. Patrick’s Day and New Year’s Eve, according to a report from BACtrack. Although this study occurred in 2014, the numbers have undoubtedly increased with population increases and tracking options increases.

As this statistic continues to perpetuate itself, aired Superbowl commercials rally for drunk driving education and police departments are cracking down on drunk drivers with DUI checkpoints and increased community coverage. If you are celebrating Superbowl or are heading out for any weekend events, the risk of DUI follows if you are planning to drink and drive. If you are arrested for a DUI, the best defense is an early defense. You need to contact a Pensacola criminal defense attorney from the Morris Firm as quickly as possible to protect your rights and driving privileges.

Plan for a Safer Superbowl Sunday

Although this year’s Superbowl has unfortunately come and gone, it still helps to know that you have safe options for enjoying an alcoholic beverage. You can enjoy your Superbowl Sunday, or any day of celebration, with the alcohol of your choice if you plan accordingly and designate a sober driver before you begin celebrating.

Here are a few options to get home, or to the next party, safely:

Ride-share services: Schedule or sign up for an Uber or Lyft, taxi, or sober driving ride-share option in your area.

Designate a driver: If you know that one of your friends has obligations that prevent him or her from driving, or you have a pregnant or otherwise non-drinking friend, consider offering them a gift or incentive to be your group’s sober driver. Fill up their tank of gas, buy delicious snack or pool a “MVP” fund as a thank you for their kindness.

Stay Put: If possible, plan to stay where you are for Superbowl, whether at a hotel near a friend’s house or in a guest room. You may even consider leaving your car at work, so that you can get a ride in the morning straight there and then have your vehicle handy to drive home Monday evening.

Regardless of what safe ride home you choose, it is far less expensive, and potentially life threatening, than risking driving drunk. Remember, buzzed driving is drunk driving in the eyes of the law and you are safer in the passenger seat. Don’t risk your license just to get home with your vehicle.

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