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How a DUI Can Impact Education Possibilities

Posted on Tuesday, September 10th, 2019 at 1:01 pm    

In our society and particularly Florida, which is known for being a spring break destination, drinking and partying is a common part of everyday life, especially among college students. College students often drink alcohol after exams, on Friday and Saturday nights, and sometimes on a daily basis.

If you’re in a college fraternity or sorority, you know how common alcohol is among the college crowd. The problem is, alcohol consumption can lead to drinking and driving, which can lead to a DUI, which can impact a student’s educational opportunities, not to mention their future. But how is this so? Let us count the ways.

There Are Many Ways DUI Impacts Education

Here are examples of how a DUI can affect educational opportunities:

  • If you are applying for a scholarship, it can be denied because of your criminal record.
  • If you are on a college sports team, the coach can have zero tolerance for DUI and kick you off.
  • If you are kicked off a college sports team because of a DUI and you were on an athletic scholarship, you can lose the scholarship.
  • You can be denied entry into a prestigious college of your choice because of the DUI conviction.
  • You can be kicked out of a college that has no tolerance for criminal behavior.
  • If you are studying for a professional license, such as a nursing license or a real estate license, etc., it can be denied because of the criminal conviction.
  • If you’re pursuing a degree in medicine or law, the DUI could ruin your plans.
  • If your educational plan involves becoming a teacher or working for the government, the DUI could prohibit you from pursuing your dreams.
  • If you plan on studying for a special career that requires a security clearance, your security clearance application can be denied because of the DUI.

DUIs and all criminal behavior for that matter can impact a college education or the pursuit of a professional or occupational license. Many schools and professional licensing boards have strict rules against criminal convictions, so a DUI often impacts college entry, scholarships, college athletics, and professional licenses.

If you’re in high school or college and facing DUI charges, our advice is to contact the Morris Firm, PLLC at once to schedule a meeting with an attorney who cares about your educational future.